I have two goals as an educator: first, to expand the range of repertoire and skills that my students understand as musicians, and second, to make the tools of music theory and aural skills relevant and engaging with students’ personal goals. As a music theorist who has dedicated their research to popular and rock music of the 20th and 21st century, I keenly understand that students have diverse professional and personal pursuits and musical tastes, all of which can indeed thrive in the theory and aural skills classroom.

Freshmen help each other compose and voice-lead a harmonic progression.

My teaching experience ranges from students at a large public university to specialized conservatory students. Additionally, I have experience teaching students in public schools (both urban and rural), as well as engaging with college-aged students who are future music educators. I have taught and assisted with all levels of written and aural theory, as well as post-tonal analysis and analysis of popular and rock music.

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